This page is for the technically minded. It looks at the structure of audio entrainment tracks.

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Binaural, Monaural, Isochronic what???

Binaural beats are created by feeding one frequency into the left ear, and a different frequency into the right ear. The brain picks up the difference between the two frequencies as a series of beats.  For example, in this stereo track, one channel has a 60HZ frequency (that’s 60 cycles per second) and the other has a 50HZ frequency:

binaural beats at 50 and 60 hz

The brain will interpret this as a 10HZ beat (60-50=10). 10 HZ is in the the alpha brainwave frequency range. To the brain, the result looks like this, with the 10hz tone superimposed on the two other tones:

Binaural beats

As you can see, the 10HZ tone looks weak compared to the whole waveform, which is why some experts say that binaural beats are not very effective.

If we combine the 50 and 60 HZ tracks into a monaural file, the result looks like this:

monaural beats

As you can see, the monaural beats are more distinct. They should therefore be more effective. An added benefit of a monaural beat is that you don’t need to listen with stereo headphones, because the beat frequency is not produced within the brain.

Isochronic tones are even more distinct. They look like this:

The boffins say that isochronic tones are the most effective means of entrainment. You can see why they might be right.

Serotonin and Human Growth Hormone? Really?

Serotonin and HGH are nice things to have buzzing around your bloodstream. Everyone wants to feel good and stay young. But does LifeFlow really stimulate their levels?

Apparently, one Dr. Norman Shealy and others did some extensive experiments in the 1980s to test this theory. They found a wide range of health benefits from all forms of brain entrainment, including increased levels of Serotonin and HGH.

For me, the choice comes down to what works, and what sounds (and feels) good. Omni-Sync Meditation gets the tick on both of these points.

So What?

Well, you might just file this rather technical information away and go on your merry way, but I have to tell you that – while you might be better informed –  your Serotonin and HGH levels, and your general well-being, will not improve unless you actually start meditating.

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